Mold Abatement 

If you are experiencing unexplainable allergic reactions and sinus headaches, or you smell a dank musty smell in certain places in your home, you may have a mold outbreak. In some cases, the mold can reside in your walls and carpet, causing thousands of dollars in damage, if left unchecked. To abate mold in your home you must locate outbreaks of mold and then apply some proven measures to eliminate the mold completely.

Our Abatement Protocol follow the guidelines of the industry's leading authorities:

1) Isolate the affected area and set up the Negative Air in most cases,

Stand-alone HEPA Filter in rare cases

2) Remove the affected materials

3) Anti-Microbial wash to all affected surfaces

4) Apply a mold inhibitor sealant to all washed surfaces

5) Clean-up of work area

What our customers are saying

Job done right !

Being new to the area I had two BAD experiences with contractors. After discussing my concerns,  Eric was able to show me how he will midigate the problem.  He personally guaranteed me that he would get to the source of the problem and eliminate it no matter what it takes. He was true to his word, the problem is gone. I will not hesitate to recommend SCORPION MOLD ABATEMENT to anyone with this type of problem.

Royal K.  Home Owner


Your health is our Number One concern.

Novair 2000

Moves 2000CFN Cubic Feet per Minute

The filter on the unit 

had been on for only 3 hours

Novair 700

Moves 700 CFN Cubic Feet per Minute

The filter on the unite 

had been on for only 3 hours


Containment is a crucial part of the abatement process.  It keeps spores, demo and air from flowing to healthy areas.  

A containment field is set up  with a Negative air machine, the negative air draws out the contaminates from the contained area through a HEPA filtration system.